Building Brand Awareness in the Diaspora


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Building Brand Awareness in the Diaspora

Caribbean Diaspora Network (CDN) connects Caribbean professionals, companies and organizations from all over the globe, mainly the US, Canada and UK using state-of-the-art Web, TV, Internet, Radio and Newspapers technologies. With a growing network, it is the perfect place to promote your events, projects, products and services.
Below are some social media Feeds from CDN.
On Location or in studio interview highlighting your business / organization / profession will be shown on CTVN based on our contractual agreement.
While VIP focuses on the individual MVP is more about a company, organization or group. This is a perfect way to promote your brand.
We run your commercial(s) at designated time slot. Commercials can be created by you or us.
During an event crawls run at the bottom of the TV broading screens. Whenever there is a break the whole screen is utilize for showing ads.
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We add the social invites plugin to your website for you to invite your social media friends with just a few clicks. Those you invite and visitors to your site can do the same.
Each of our network website has designated slots for showing ads. You may purchase any of these slots to advertise your business / organization. Visitors will be taken to your website by clicking your ad.
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We cover a number of events in the Diaspora where thousands of people attend. These are perfect events to brand your business and promote your profession.
Periodically we send out emails to the over 20,000 contacts in our Caribbean Diaspora Database inviting them to attend events and providing them with any other important information.
Sponsor our weekly newsletter and your company's logo with the phrase "Sponsored By 'Company Name'" with link to company's website will be at the bottom of the newsletter.
We create a marketing campaign to market / brand your business / organization using the social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, MSN Live and Foursquare.
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We cover a number of events in the Diaspora where thousands of people attend. These are perfect events to brand your business and promote your profession. Please review our advertising options to see how you can take advantage of this golden opportunity.